Source--Extent displays as "weight"

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool
Category:bug report
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The Source-Extent field is displaying as "weight" in the public display. See attached screen shots.



Version:8.0» 7-x
Assigned to:Anonymous» mdefino
Status:active» test

This was a result of the search portal options chosen. Those options have been changed using the Search Portal Tool. Please look at the record again to verify that the "weight" label has been corrected. Also, please identify any additional display options you would like to feature for these objects


Status:test» active

Changed back to active. Sorry, but the weight label is still displaying.


Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)» RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Version:7-x» 7-x
Component:General» Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool
Assigned to:mdefino» chadmills

Moving from WMS to RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal project.


This is part of the default record style. Others records; namely roman coins use extent. This probably explains the use of Weight as the default label. I would suggest two options:

1) Coming up with a more general label that could be applied to number of pages and/or other extent types like grams.
2) Attempt to divide extent values that are number of pages based from weight based values. We can then configure them separately giving each a more appropriate label.

Also please note any page number displays on the left of the record screen are a result of using the page turner. Not all resources uses it so extent is valuable in those cases.


I would go with Chad's Option 1, i.e. come up with a more general label that can be applied to number of pages and/or other extent types like grams.

We just discovered this problem for media materials as well. I was surprised to see any source metadata in the full record, and think that itself warrants further discussion. Putting it in a customized portal is one thing, but displaying it on all records in the general RUcore portal can be a little tricky.

Anything with a source object would likely (always?) have an extent. I've looked at all the (pre-defined) 'unit' options for all source types and none is an expression of weight.

That aside, given that "extent" from sourceMD is currently displaying, I recommend (1) using the label "extent," and (2) always displaying the unit of measure as well as the numeric value. This element is meant to display as two parts, 'value' and 'unit,' for example, 3 film reel(s) or 5 negative(s) or 4 piece(s) (for 3D objects) or 35 cm. Although a unit value ('g') is displaying in the Roman Coins records, it doesn't display in all others. For example, Equine Science Center videos are now displaying: Weight: 1. (!!!)

If people have other ideas for the label, I'm fine with any generic natural language. I don't think 'extent' is optimal but don't have other ideas at the moment.

This also raises the question of an application profile for Roman Coins. MDWG is looking at all application profiles prior to posting them in RUcore, and I think it would be helpful to see application profiles for all the collections, not just those overseen by MDWG members.


Version:7-x» 8.x


Assigned to:chadmills» ananthan


Can MDWG provide some direction on this one?



Version:8.x» 0-anytime


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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