File policy xml is damaged when updating display options

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

When you go to a file policy (for example: pdf) to modify, all display options for RUcore website are blank on the screen. If you update the policy and save it without re-entering these options, they are lost (they are not in the "View file policies XML"). This is a serious problem because the RUcore display depends on these options.



Title:Display Options for RUcore Website are overwritten when file policy is updated» File policy xml is damaged when updating display options


Status:active» test

I cannot reproduce this problem. Please test again - 1) save current file policy xml to a file. 2) change the file configuration and save it. 3) save file policy xml to a second file. 4) compare the two policy xml files, see if the changes you made are the only difference between the two files. If not, send me the two xml files. -YY


I will see if I can replicate the issue.


Assigned to:yuyang» ananthan


Status:test» postponed

Chad and I spent some time to reproduce this problem but we were not able to. I am changing the status to "postponed".

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