Allow WMS user to SAVE work without closing record

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:feature request

This will allow the WMS user to save changes more frequently without having to locate and re-open the record. Ideally, the DigiProv record will be created only when the record is "save-and-close" or just closed (purposefully or by an unknown system feature). If the record is just closed, or "exit"-ed, the last "save" will be retained.



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Wait until July to test. -YY


Not official test, but I happened to be in rep-devel and saw this. "save"-ing no longer creates a digiprov datastream. Is this intentional?


There is a new configuration option for audit: User can choose between outputting all audit records into digiProv, or outputting the same action on the same record on the same day for the same user only once into digiProv. The latter will avoid cluttering the xml with tens of digiprov entries if user keep doing save-continue or keep coming back to the same record and change something. -YY


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Please test.


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Every "save and continue" creates a digiProv record. This could clutter the XML.
Instead of creating digiProv only at the end of the day (which could be confusing if a supervisor tries to look at the XML before going home), digiProv should be created upon "save" (i.e., Save-and-Exit).


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It works, but it's confusing the way it is. Maybe reverse it and make the default "save without closing," and give the option to "Save and Close."


For #5, Rhonda, as I said in #3, there is a new WMS configuration option that allows generating digiprov only once per action per day per user. If people all believe this is the way digiprov should work, we just need to change the configuration.
For #6, I want to hear from more people what is the desired text for save and what is the desired default action for save. -YY


We had a little mini-conference here at the testing session, and we would like the top of the form to have the two options presented side-by-side, similar to the Navigation tab (not a pull-down list):

Save and Continue ----- Save and Exit

For this release, we will keep the audit options as they are.


Count me as another for 'Save and Continue'


Status:active» test

Test. -YY


Status:test» fixed

SAVE and EXIT creates a digiprov section.


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