Logout link in Analytic not working

Component:Core Specific
Category:bug report

After logging in with my netid, finding a video and starting
then stopping playback, the LOGOUT button in the interface
does not function. I get a connecting message to rucore.libraries
but it never completes. The seesion file stays active on the
server and I can continue to use the interface.

Closing the browser does then celar the /tmp/sess_* file
from the server.



Version:7.2.2» 7-x
Component:User interface» Core Specific

The issues stems from the way videos are currently played back. If you access a video and it is being downloaded to the client you will need to wait for the video to download completely before logging out. The client cannot perform simultaneous transactions and the downloading of the video file to the client is likely blocking the logout feature.

When moving to the streaming video server this issue should occur because asynchronous communication will be possible.

Moving to 7.x and will test once streaming video is in place.


Version:7-x» 7.4


Status:active» test

Test by choosing "Log Out"


Status:test» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

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