1 minute time stamps breaks display

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When a video is stopped and saved at 1 minute in the display shows 00:00 seconds in the timeline and 0.00 seconds in the editing panel. More information is below.


Thanks for the information, it helped a bunch.

Some good news is that the start/stop points are stored and working correctly. I see them as the following for the Brandon PUP video.

<range TYPE="contiguous" VALUE="start">00:00:05.0</range>
<range TYPE="contiguous" VALUE="end">00:01:00.18</range>

So you are starting at 5 seconds in and ending with frame 18 at 1 minutes in. There must be a bug in the code that is tied to the fact to ended it a exactly 1 minute. In the display the 1 minute is being interrupted as 00:00. I was able to duplicate this using another video and stopping as you did at 1 minute in.

You can either choose to ignore the issue or stop the video at 59 seconds or 1 minute and 1 second. Those will display properly.

I will issue a bug report and get it fixed in the next release.


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Thank you for your response. Here is the info you requested.

1. Brandon PUP

2. Brandon's Relational Understanding, Event 1 should end at 1:00

3. I am using Windows 2007 Professional

4. The web bowser is Internet Explorer

Thank you again.
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Along with the title of the analytic please give me as much of the following information that you can so I can investigate.

1) The name(s) of the videos you are working on analyzing.
2) The title(s) and description(s) of the event(s) and analytic you are creating, if you have those easily available
3) Operating system you are using; Windows, OSX, etc. along with the version.
4) Web browser and version you are using.


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Hello. My name is Michael Rohm. I created an analytic and in my first clip the ending always goes back to 0:00 even when I save. I don't have this issue with any other of my clips. Just the first. What can I do to resolve this issue?

Thank you

Michael Rohm



Version:7-x» 7.4


Test by selecting or typing in an event with a start or stop point of 00:01:00 and add it to an analytic. It should display properly.


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