Can not read Technical XML

Project:RUcore Statistics
Category:bug report

When editing a record, or purging and object, in dlr/EDIT, the statistics code looks for the Content Model in Technical. Because the datastream is no longer named "Technical", it generates an alert, "Can not read Technical XML - Something bad happened"

The task completes successfully, that is, the metadata is successfully edited or the object is successfully purged, but the statistics code cannot complete its task. This occurs consistently in both development and production.

Here is a sample screen:
committing xml for the RIGHTS1 section of rutgers-lib:26395

Successfully edited RIGHTS1 datastream...
Can not read Technical XML - Something bad happened
Reindexing object with Solr...

OKSuccess with add action for rutgers-lib:26395...
OKSuccess with commit action for rutgers-lib:26395...



Status:active» test

Fixed, please test.


Tested on rep devel object with a new style managed content TECHNICAL1 datastream and it seems fixed. I'm not changing it to fixed yet only so that someone else can confirm this.


As a side effect all new ingests haven't had corresponding entries placed in the Fedora live table. On production this would be any valid rutgers-lib # after rutgers-lib:41253.


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker


Status:test» fixed

I purged rutgers-lib:201752 and did not see any messages related to TechMD.

I also edited rutgers-lib:201879 and did not see any error messages related to TechMD.


Status:fixed» closed


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