New Issue with downloading Research Data objects - Primate Teeth Project

Project:RUcore Website
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

Ryan was contacted by a user who was unable to download files from the Primate Teeth project (<a href="" title=""></a>). After some investigation, we're seeing the same behavior that we saw earlier in the summer with the Why Iowa project data.

Essentially, while the ENTIRE project can be downloaded successfully as a single zip file, when you select individual files to download, the files aren't found.

See the earlier incident record at <a href="" title=""></a>. In that issue, entry number 9 discusses how it was fixed. It sounds like this could be similar.



When ingesting new resources in the project you need to make sure you are creating the relationship statements in dlr/EDIT post ingest. Those relationship statements are used when creating the "download the project" package file. Right now this project has 22 data resources, but only 10 have relationship statements, thus only 10 are being delivered.


Hi - that's not the issue - I'm aware that we need to run dlr/EDIT on the newer objects. The issue is that we can't download the objects that are on the RUresearch site. It's just like the last time - you can download the "Project" into a zip file, but if you go through the site and just try to download an individual data file, it is not found. Please look at the project to see what's going on.



It looks like the ZIP datastream ID isn't working when downloading. I think the "separator" needs to be added in the WMS file policy configuration. I get no value currently and I am expecting a hyphen(-).


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Added '-' to the original-zip and presentation-zip file policies, and it appears that file download is working as expected.

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