MARC Export of ETDs to text file doesn't contain 035

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I ran the MARC Export function yesterday (10-07-2013) to do a few ETDs that were late approvals by the grad schools. There were 5 ETDs and none of them contained an 035 tag. The ids in RUcore are:

Kalaivani did some testing as follows: I exported some test records from my collection, and 035 was in the text file. I exported another ETD (an older one) and 035 was in the text file. But newly exported ETDs do not have 035 in the text file.

Early next month the ETDs for October graduates will be exported, so it would be good if this issue can be resolved soon.



Hi Marty,

I'll look at them and see if I can see any different in the data that should be caused the rule to be missed.



Marty, I think I've caught it. The MODS record doesn't have the Fedora PID needed for 035, so we've been adding it as a special type="pid" identifier hooking onto the indentifier type="hdl" which used to appear in all MODS sections. Since these are no longer being generated, we need to make a small change to one file. This is a good, subtle catch! Thanks!


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Marty, I just ran a test on devel and it seems to be fixed. To test it yourself don't create a new object (the cron is not run regularly on devel and I had to run it manually just now to do my test), but choose any of the recent objects that have a no hdl identifiers in their mods. Note, the fix is a change to one line of one file. It could be a simple drop in replacement for Dave.


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Took out bug fix till we have permission to do it.


Version:7.2.1» 7.3

Moved to next planned code change. Code will be put into place as part of a numbered code release, per standard RUcore procedures.


Version:7.3» 7.2.3


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This has been fixed according to Jeffery. Please test on rep-devel.



SW_Arch requested that testing be completed by Monday.


Status:test» closed

Test on rep-devel was successful. An 035 was in the text file.

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