RUresearch Portal - can "Browse All Projects" return the list sorted by Title?

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Right now, going to the Research Portal, and selecting "Browse All Projects" returns a list of the projects in no discernible order, and the pulldown shows "Relevance".

Could that be adjusted so that they are sorted by Title, and with the Pulldown showing "Title"? I'm not sure "Relevance" has any meaning when you are just getting a list of all of the objects in the collection, and sorting them by Title will give the user some understanding of the display.

Note - it should work the same way whether "Browse all Projects" is selected from the main RUresearch portal page (<a href="" title=""></a>), or from the subsequent page ([]=collection).

NOTE - I normally use Firefox (v. 24), but I just tried it in Chrome, and the display was different - the pulldown box showed "title", but the objects were not sorted.

A small thing, but it's been bugging me, if it can be readily fixed.




Version:7.2» 7.x
Assigned to:chadmills» aletia.morgan
Status:active» test

Fixed on development. Test and let me know what you think. I can make this change on production at any time.

<a href="" title=""></a>


It looks great on the development site - as you enter the research portal, and click on "Browse All Projects", it is working.

Yet from that page itself ([]=collection&orderby=title), the link for "Browse All Projects" needs to be tweaked the same way, since right now the results seem to be random, and the pull-down display still shows RELEVANCE. Is that just as easy? If it is, then that would be great.




Version:7.x» 7.3
Status:test» active

That link doesn't look to be configurable. I can slot it for the next release. In the meantime one of two things.

1) Leave everything as it is until both links can be changed to sort by title.
2) Change the first link now and have the two link behave differently for a while.

Let me know what you decide.


Thanks for checking. Let's go with option 2 - I suspect users would be less likely to click on the "Browse All Projects" once they're already in the alphabetized list. But making them work similarly should be added to a future release.



The first part of option 2 is in place on production. Second part is schedule for an upcoming release.


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