Citation date sometimes incorrect

Project:Open Journal System (OJS)
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

In the "How to cite" link on an article's web display page, the date in the citation is the date the object was created in the OJS system (or ingested into it), not the publication date. "created" -- "published" -- the metadata should be investigated to verify that date elements are clearly defined and consistently used. In addition, the citation date should be pulled from the "date created" that reflects the "published" status of the article.

The articles in JRUL, in particular, display the incorrect date.



Status:active» test

I've set JRUL so that it doesn't offer the how to cite option until we decide whether we should manually change these dates of electronic publication in the database or not. This is still an open question. However, we now avoid any confusion for users.


Status:test» fixed

The "How to cite" link no longer appears, and thus does not give the incorrect publication date.


Status:fixed» closed

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