System allows input of contradictory dates

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

Record has the following MODS metadata:
<modsateCreated point="start">2009</modsateCreated>
<modsateCreated point="end">2010</modsateCreated>

In other words, a single date (2009) conflicts with a range of dates separately input as start date=2009 and end date=2010.

If metadata creator inputs a start date and an end date, then the system should not allow input of a third date (or if metadata creator inputs a single date, the system should not also allow input of a range of dates).



Version:7.1» 7.4

Moving to R7.4.


Version:7.4» 7.5


Version:7.5» 7.7
Assigned to:Anonymous» yuyang

Moving to R7.7, as part of the efficiency release.


Version:7.7» 8.1


Status:active» postponed

I suggest to postpone this to a later release. This is really a low priority/high cost feature, and a cataloger with proper training can easily avoid the problem stated. -YY

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