Make supplementary files publicly accessible if Author grants permission

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Currently all the supplementary files are archived in RUcore and are hidden from public view. Due to copyright restriction, some of these supplementary files can not be made publicly accessible but some don't have any restrictions.

We need to figure out a way to make supplementary files available to users when the author grants permission for that access. This needs more discussion, and specifications need to be written. The Supplementary Files Information form will need changes.

This request was stimulated by an ETD authored by May 2013 graduate Kelsey Bitting which has seven supplementary files. These files were included at the request of her Dissertation Director, Dr. Gregory Mountain, and her Dissertation Committee, in keeping with rules of the National Science Foundation that say any data collected with NSF funds (Kelsey was supported as an NSF Fellow) must be archived in the public domain, although a moratorium of 2 yrs is permissible. Kelsey requested a 2-year embargo, but we must make her files publicly available at the end of the embargo period in 2015. The ETD is rutgers-lib:40475.

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