Research Portal, 7.1 Production - Click on "Related Objects" from a project file (data/doc/inst) page hangs

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Category:bug report

This was noted in <a href="" title=""></a>, as part 1 of two issues noted.

But it should be separated out.

In various RUresearch projects, if you go to one of the project files (whether data, etc.) and then click on "related objects" on the left hand side of the page, the search hangs.

I've tested Air quality, Iowa Caucuses, Primate Teeth, etc. Same behavior in IE as well as firefox.

Is this also expected to be something fixed with 7.2, or do we need to fix?



Which interface are you having trouble with?


B) <a href="" title=""></a>

If it is B then yes it will be fixed when 7.2 arrives. If it is A then this is a new bug.

Let us know.


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While I am starting out in rucore.libraries, when it goes to the individual item it is in mss3, which is when the link to Related Items fails. So it sounds likely that it will be resolved with 7.2.

Thanks for the clarification.


Status:active» closed

Old issue, resolved a long time ago.

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