Inconsistent results when creating DOI in WMS and dlr/EDIT

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You have to follow my steps sequentially to understand this.

OK. I am starting from WMS.

1)rutgers-lib:26254 in Release six point one test collection.
2) Has title and typeofResource; no publisher and publication year.
3) Using Fedora Edit, I added originInfo - dateCreated.
4) The DOI state is "not registered".
5) I clicked on it; I was presented with a screen to change DOI state from "not registered" to: public, reserved, unavailable.
6) I clicked on "reserved".
7) Got DOI state changed successfully message.
8) On the screen the DOI state now displays "reserved";I clicked on "reserved" again.
9) I was presented with a screen to change DOI state from "reserved" to: public, not registered (delete DOI).
10) DOI state was successfully changed to public.

Moving on to rucore-devel:

1) Searched for this object in Release six point one test collection.
2) Clicked on the DOI.
3) Got:

About the identified object
Location (URL): <a href="" title=""></a>
Creators: No Name Supplied
Title: First resource created in release six point one--Failed Censures: Ecclesiastical Regulation ofWomen’s Clothing in Late Medieval Italy
Publisher: No Publisher Supplied
Publication year: 2011
Resource type: Text

This is what I expected to be displayed.

I am going to try the same steps in dlr/EDIT:

1) rutgers-lib:26529 in Release six point one test collection.
2) Has title and typeofResource; no publisher and publication year.
3) Using raw XML edit, I added originInfo - dateCreated.
[mods:dateCreated encoding="iso8601" point="start" qualifier="approximate"]2011[/mods:dateCreated]
4) Test this DOI returns no DOI. (expected results)
5) Create DOI for this object. (successful)
6) Looked up for this DOI in EZID. I get the following display:

About the identified object
Location (URL): <a href="" title=""></a>
Creator: [No value]
Title: [No value]
Publisher: [No value]
Publication year: [No value]
Resource type: [No value]


Title, publication year,and resource type are not registered although they are present in the record. I expected to see title, publication year, and resource type displayed. For creator and Publisher, "No Name supplied" and "No Publisher supplied" should have been displayed.
In WMS (Fedora Edit), I see the DOI state is changed to "reserved". I was expecting the state to be "Public".

What am I doing wrong? I am not sure whose code is being used in dlr/EDIT, but I see inconsistent DOI results.



I suspect that you are not updating the metadata before changing the state. If you update the metadata and look at EZID again, it should have the metadata filled in. I find the create metadata is not enough. The update step is required before it shows up.



In my previous testing, I was not changing the state of the DOI. I was simply creating a new DOI. I was just running a parallel comparison to understand what WMS is doing and what dlr/EDIT is doing.

During ingest in WMS, if typeOfResource, Title, and dateCreated exist, a DOI is created and state is set to "public" automatically. EZID displays these three metadata.

I tested creating DOI for an object that has typeOfResource, Title, and dateCreated, but EZID does not display any of these metadata.

It would make sense if you do this:

1) Find a record with no DOI in dlr/EDIT.
2) Add dateCreated because all the records in the repository should have title and typeOfResource.
3) Then Create DOI.
4) Display DOI.
5) You will see "No value" displayed in all 5 EZID metadata fields.

If you want to see what WMS is doing:

1) Find a record not ingested.
2) Add dateCreated.
3) Ingest.
4) Click on the DOI link from the ingest log window.
5) Title, typeOfResource, and Publication Year metadata will be displayed.
6) Goto Fedora Edit and find this object. The DOI state will be "Public".

I am sorry if this is not clear. Call me if you want me to step you through.


I've added a metadata update call to the create DOI function. Now if you simply create a DOI, the metadata fields will be populated on EZID right away even for reserved DOIs.


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I just tested creating DOI in dlr/EDIT; DOI was created but the state is still "reserved". Do I need to change the state after creating DOI as a separate step?
I don't have to do this in WMS.

According to the specs, by default all DOIs get "reserved" state. I am not sure if this needs to be adjusted in WMS or dlr/EDIT or the API. I am bouncing this to Chad now.


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I think this one did not have its metadata "updated" yet. It should not really be an ongoing problem, as dlr/EDIT/DOI is now updating metadata upon the creation of a DOI. You should be able to test this on different objects.


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I think this is fixed now.


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I just test this on rutgers-lib:201079. Create DOI works as expected but the state is still "reserved". It appears to me that creating DOI is a two step process in dlr/EDIT whereas it is done in one step in WMS. I don't know how Yang is doing and what is the right thing to do.

Should WMS create DOI and by default, change the state to "reserved"?


I thought it was supposed to be a two step process. Once it is public, you can no longer delete it. Letting be reserved first offers a chance to back out before actually turning it on. But that's only my view.


WMS does this in one step so I think dlr/EDIT should do the same. Otherwise, people may skip one step or forget to run the second step.


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As we decided, I have put in a default option to create and make public at the same time, but have left an option to reserve only at first.


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Choosing "Create DOI" now changes the state to "Public" automatically. Thank you!

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