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Selected these options for:rutgers-lib:19372

I see the MODS-XML for this record, but it is not clear to me what is happening here. Is it actually cleaning the title info? The title is:"And now a puppet show"



This was designed as a very tentative process. The View MODS option shows the MODS as it currently is. The Proof option shows what the MODS would look like if it were "Cleaned", that is with the type=uniform attribute taken out of the mods:titleInfo element. A set of older objects have this and it blocks DOI metadata creation. The Clean option actually puts back the cleaned MODS so that the DOI process can continue. The alternative would be to edit the MODS in the regular way by hand. If people think it is too confusing, we can take the MODS proof/clean out.


Status:active» test


This object seems to have a doi and has mods with the right title info. The clean is only an option for old files that have the bad titleInfo attributes - to help speed things up. There are three options: View MODS shows the current MODS so that you can see if it is OK as it stands for a DOI; Proof MODS is a dry run of the little clean option and shows you what the clean option would do. If it is the same as View MODS, it wouldn't change anything and shows the Clean MODS is unnecessary. If the MODS had a bad titleInfo and Proof MODS shows that this would be fixed, you can run Clean MODS, which adds the fixed MODS back into the object. It would then be ready to create a DOI. The alternative would be to edit the bad MODS record "by hand", that is, in the usual way in dlr/EDIT, go to the raw XML page, remove the attribute, and commit.


Status:test» closed

OK. We will leave it in for now and revisit if others question about this.

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