View the Current DOI Metadata for this Object gives misleading message

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

rutgers-lib:19372 did not have a DOI; I created one.


When I viewed the DOI metadata, it gives "Title was not found for rutgers-lib:19372." message.
The title in this record is: "And now a puppet show"

Problem with EZID is that if one of the DOI MD value is missing, EZID look up shows "No value" in all 5 MD elements. It is important to mimic what Yang is doing when creating and updating metadata.



I am not attempting to "mimic" what Yang is doing, I am calling his code through Chad's api. I do not assign any of those values through my code.


Status:active» test

I changed this to run the metadata method with "registrar" instead of repository, which makes more sense, and changed the label. The update method is what really creates needed metadata from the repository anyway. This function should be to see what's currently registered at EZID.


Status:test» closed

"View the Current DOI Metadata.." label has been changed to "View the Registered DOI Metadata.." No error messages are displayed.

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