Can we re-open the question of TAR vs. ZIP for downloading datasets?

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I was working with Prof Dave Redlawsk today to help him find his "Why Iowa" data set for one of his grad students. He was having problem opening the data file from the project listing. I verified that for some reason the link to the data file itself is broken (I've got a separate bug report already in to Chad).

An alternative I suggested was the process to download all of the project files. I described the process - and showed him the project.tar file that gets downloaded. Unfortunately, he was not happy with this standard, since he and his students are accustomed to using Zip files.

We've talked about this issue before - and I recognize that there are technical complexities - but I believe that if we want researchers to utilize the data sets on RUcore, we need to make them available in a way that makes those downloaded data sets usable for them.

Fortunately, because of my relationship with Prof Redlawsk, he will tell me about the problem and continue to work with us and test. Others might not bother.

We've talked about revisiting this question at SW_Arch. I'd like to see us plan a schedule to review this again.



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This should be discussed at sw_arch meeting.


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