changing DOI state from reserved to public

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report


There is no publisher, creator or pub. year in the record. When I tried to change the DOI state from reserved to public, I get "bad request - DOI metadata requirements not satisfied: no creator". According to the specs, if no creator is available "No value supplied" should be added to DOI metadata. Please check the specs.



I have no control over the metadata. I think this needs to be assigned to someone else.


Priority:normal» critical


Please read the specs written by the MDWG. We spelled out how to handle if metadata is missing. You need to follow the same specs Yang is following. You may want to talk to him to see how he is doing. Perhaps, you can "borrow" his code. This needs to be addressed by middle of next week.



I have read the spec, but as I mentioned I have no control over the metadata. I call Chad's api which calls Yang's code to test and generate the metadata. Once this is done - and the update method called successfully, the state can be changed. All these are done through calls to Chad's api.


Status:active» test

I think this is also related to the metadata update issue and should no longer be a problem.


Status:test» closed

I was able to change the state from "reserved" to "public" for rutgers-lib:101079.

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