False job status returned when processing large files

Project:RUcore Shared Classes
Component:PDF Server (pdfmaker)
Category:bug report

When submitting large files, or large sets of files, the getCurrentJobStatus() method id returning false status codes or PHP errors.



Status:active» test

More catching has been added to look fro the response errors from the PDF server. A new status code has been added. Below is a summary of all status codes returned, #5 was the newly added status code.

Array index 0 - Unknown response, error
Array index 1 - Failed
Array index 2 - Pending
Array index 3 - InProgress
Array index 4 - Complete
*NEW* Array index 5 - Warning, current status not available check back


Status:test» fixed

Marking as fixed since a few rounds of testing have been completed.


Status:fixed» closed

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