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The SOAP issues with 3.6.2 convince me that it is time to retire good old It's functionality has been replace by restingest.php which uses the REST API for ingest. The question is how much of the old extra functionality to replicate. The old script did things like handle creation and Solr indexing of the new object in addition to ingest. The new restingest.php does Solr ingesting, but so far does not do hand creation since handles are about to go away and any effort would be better spent working at creating DOIs.



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The old SOAP scripts, including ingestobj3, now use REST functionality in place of SOAP.


How do we test this?


If it ingests, it is not using SOAP, as the SOAP modules were never upgraded to work with Fedora 3.6.2. One thing I do, is create an object in WMS, get its foxml (without ingesting through WMS - that is so that it still has Yang's placeholder PID, e.g., fedpid:0000), and upload in the ingest form which will run the new ingestobj3 on it.


I tried to test this twice and it failed both times. I am not sure how else to test this functionality in dlr/EDIT. Since I don't use this at all, I am going to let Jeffery test and close the bug.


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As a test, I ran the following from the command line on devel:
triggs@rep-devel:/mellon/htdocs/dlr/EDIT> ./ "" jat foxml
XML object file is <a href="" title=""></a>

file is '/repository/data/objects/2013/0619/10/24/rutgers-lib_201524'

Indexing newly ingested object with Solr...
&lt;response actiontype="add">&lt;status>OK&lt;/status>&lt;message>Success with add action for rutgers-lib:201524...&lt;/message>&lt;/response>
&lt;response actiontype="commit">&lt;status>OK&lt;/status>&lt;message>Success with commit action for rutgers-lib:201524...&lt;/message>&lt;/response>

<a href="" title=""></a> View New Object Record for rutgers-lib:201524&lt;/a>

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