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The order of the datastreams in showfed has been realigned so that it should now match the order in full record search results in RUcore. To test, compare a showfed display with a full record of any given object. The new Roman Coins objects make an good example since they have many datastreams showing grouped by file type.



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I searched for the following objects in RUcore:

Denarius - Sydenham 561
Aureus - Sydenham 1019a - Crawford 475/1a

Both display the datastreams in the same order.

However, searching for "Hoboken Fire Dept. fire bell & tower on Park Ave. near Second St., shown among tenement building. ca. 1870-1890" in RUcore results in different display. Search for "have a pot of tea" behaves the same way -- display order is not same in showfed and RUcore. Also displays the long title in front of the datastream ID.

showfed displays DS2, DS1, and Modified JPEG-1 (the long title is still there as part of the label) but RUcore displays PDF-1, JPEG-1, and DJVU-1.

I thought we have updated all datastream labels on rep-devel.


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I crossed compared a resource on production and development.

"Major League Baseball Salary and Performance Data,1986. Data"

Development - <a href="" title=""></a>
Production - <a href="" title=""></a>

The ordering on development now looks accurate to what is displayed in the full record results of a search.

I noticed that the "View related object" link on development is behaving differently than the one on production. Was some other change made?


Status:active» test

Kalaivani, I suspect that for "have a pot of tea" you were following the handle to get showfed, which goes to mss3, where the labels have not all been changed yet. If you change the URL to rep-devel, e.g.:
<a href="" title=""></a>
you will see the new showfed. And yes, the rucore related item code is now being called on devel in place of the old code. So you get two for the price of one...


Well. The handles should have been corrected. These are the things make it difficult for us to test. Testers should be able to click on the links quickly and be able to test. I can't explain and rely on the testers to make changes to the handle so they are linking to the correct server.


Status:test» active

That twofer needs to be identified and outlined in a separate 7.0.1 issue. If you have made two changes, two corresponding issues are needed.


Status:active» test

The other bit will be in a new issue soon. This can be tested.


Performed an empty search in the Digital Collections and selected "The House on the Green", the first item. IT displays FLV-1 and MOV-1 in this order. Then I clicked on the handle and changed the URL to point to rep-devel. The order of the datastreams is the same.

I clicked on the 12th item"Test uploading dmaster, create JPEG, PDF, and DJVU presentation file as well as THUMBJPEG. Datastream display order matches in showfed display and complete record display.


Before I close this bug, please comment on the following:

I noticed that the "View related object" link on development is behaving differently than the one on production. Was some other change made?

What has changed?


It now calls Chad's ajax package so should be the same as rucore.


Status:test» closed


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