OpenWMS - Workflow Management System

The OpenWMS is a platform-independent, open source, web-accessible system that can be used as a standalone application or integrated with other repository architectures by a wide range of organizations. It provides a complete metadata creation system for analog and digital materials, with services to ingest objects and metadata into a Fedora repository and to export these objects and metadata, individually and in bulk in METS/XML Wrapper. This is a core application to ingest digital objects into the Institutional Fedora Repository (RUcore) developed at the Rutgers University Libraries.


Official releasesDateSizeLinksStatus
2.3.12012-Apr-13n/aThis release is not supported and may no longer work.


Comparison of Master Spreadsheet to WMS Form

I have made the adjustments to a copy of the master spreadsheet for the formats I was assigned and it is attached. I split the format Audiotape with Krista, so my entries start on page 23 with the element speed. The other format is Three-dimensional object on page 39. All altered entries are highlighted in yellow.

There are just a couple of things I wanted to mention:

None of the entries on the WMS form were marked with an asterisk to indicate a required element, so I couldn't verify the mandatory/optional designations. When this field was blank on the spreadsheet I coded it as optional.

In Audiotape, digital characteristics do not appear as data elements on the WMS form only when the analog digital flag equals digital, as is stated on the spreadsheet and in the Metadata Guide. The sub-elements of digital characteristics that were listed on the spreadsheet now appear as data elements on the WMS form regardless of the choice selected for analog digital flag, so I changed the spreadsheet to match the form.

In Audiotape, I had difficulty understanding the entries for channels under sound qualities. The definitions in the Metadata Guide matched the spreadsheet, but the WMS form looks different. I shaded the area on the spreadsheet that I couldn't match up to the form, and made entries that did match. I'm not sure that what I did was correct and I would really appreciate your review.


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