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This feature request is actually coming from Tefko Saracevic at SC&I, whose Digital Libraries course I'm taking this semester. in his comments to me about RUL's efforts, he writes:

"BTW, I appreciate that you put URL for standards in your discussion for the class. I tried to find RUL digitization standards a few times. They were no place to be found on RUL site. They should be there – so try to make them findable from main RUL site. Now they are completely hidden."

most archivists appear accustomed to having an organization's standards prominently displayed from the front page or from a dedicated site, ala the FADGI initiative:

<a href="" title=""></a>

My suggestion would be to create a separate page with explanatory content for our digitization standards. I can supply the verbiage and links. This page should be directly linked from the main homepage of the RUcore website, probably under the "About Us" section.

A good portion of verbiage and formatting with some modifications, can probably be taken from here (using of course, RUcore website visual design elements instead):

<a href="" title=""></a>



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While it is not plainly obvious, under "Preservation" the digital image requirements links exists. Are they correct?


As Isaiah suggests, I think we should construct a page dedicated to this issue. We then place a new link under the "Infrastructure" heading the footer. Call it "Digitization Standards" or some variant.

At the same time I think we should remove the "Technical Glossary" link from the "Infrastructure" heading, it was always meant to be part of a FAQ. We should develop a FAQ page, and link the "Technical Glossary" from it. We can then either add FAQ at the header of all of the page, or create a new sub-heading in the footer. If we put it in the header I think "Site Search" should be moved to the footer, next to version. It isn't heavily used by our users, it's used more by us to look for information in our minutes and specifications. When users do use it they sometimes think its meant to be a repository search, not a website content search. They do not understand the distinction, and I cannot blame them.

Let me know what you think.


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This will be part of the redesign of RUcore pages, now underway by a group appointed in CISC.


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