Package method doesn't use structural map when creating package

Project:RUcore API's
Component:Get API
Category:bug report

The packaging method is not using structural map to build the file package. The user interface presented to download the package properly uses the structural map, however when the request is sent to this method the structure is not implemented.

Looking at the method some more the structural map is requested, but discarded due to a bug in the software.

I have a fix in development if we wish to patch this at some point. It needs to be tested.



Version:7-x» 7.0.1

Ready for testing. Either ingest an object with a complex structure of files or download an existing object. In the user interface the file hierarchy will be displayed. Downloaded item, open package file, and confirm the files were structured as expected.


Status:test» closed

Closing as this was tested and implemented in 7.0.1.

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