stream_get_contents acquistionMethod throws errors

Project:RUcore API's
Component:Search API
Category:bug report

When a data source is configured to use the stream_get_contents data acquistionMethod the following error is thrown to the php_error logs if the URI syntax is not correct.

first messages:
[18-Feb-2013 16:22:17] PHP Warning: feof() expects parameter 1 to be
resource,boolean given in
/home/httpd/html/rucore/api/search/lib/class.parse.record.php on line 504
[18-Feb-2013 16:22:17] PHP Warning: stream_get_contents() expects
parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in
/home/httpd/html/rucore/api/search/lib/class.parse.record.php on line 505



Status:active» test

Fix in place on development code. Testing that the response from the stream_get_contents method is data typed as a "resource" before looping through and outputting is the solution. Also suppressing errors on badly formed syntax requests using the @fopen call corrects those errors as well.

To test configured a dataSource to use the stream_get_contents dataAcquistion method. Follow logs and navigate through search results.


Version:7-x» 7.2
Status:test» fixed

Retrieving the TECHNICAL datastream uses the stream_get_contents() function and no errors were found in the logs after a few rounds of testing.


Status:fixed» closed

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