Normalize faceted values

Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing
Category:feature request

Normalize facted avlues, removing preceding and trailing empty spaces and line breaks. The following example was discovered on the development system:

<int name="Seabrook, Charles F.,">2774</int>
<int name="
Seabrook, Charles F.,

The values are essentially the same, when removing the surrounding spaces and line breaks.



Version:7.0» 7.4

Moving to R7.4.


Version:7.4» 7.5

I'm not sure what this refers to. It looks like it might be some garbage on devel. In any event it will need investigation and some real examples.


Version:7.5» 7-x
Status:active» test

I've added <xsl:strip-space elements="*"/> to the base xslt, which should fix this issue. It won't be ready to test till I rerun the portalcron.


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills


Assigned to:chadmills» triggs
Status:test» active

Is this ready for testing? Just asking because there is a mention that the portalcron needs to be run and this issue is currently assigned to 7-x and not 7.5. Please update if ready and change the version number. Thanks.


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills
Status:active» test

I think I ran the portalcron after this was done, so it should be ready to test.


Version:7-x» 7.5


Status:test» fixed

I can't find the "duplicate" values when pulling the facets for "topic" on the test system. Looks fixed.


Status:fixed» closed

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