Display authors with other event information

Component:Public Viewer - Annotation
Category:feature request

When playing back an event in the public viewer display the author(s) name. Origins of the request come from the following message.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Marjory Palius" <marjory.palius@gse.rutgers.edu>
To: "Chad M. Mills" <cmmills@rci.rutgers.edu>
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 2:40:05 PM
Subject: Analytic tool feedback

Hi Chad,

I want to share some functionality feedback with you about the Analytic tool. Something that I noticed recently is that when an Analytic gets shared via a hyperlink, subsequent viewing of that Analytic does not display the author's name. This can be a problem for someone who is trying to keep track of who's Analytic is being reviewed, especially when receiving a few of them via hyperlinks. While sharing through the tool with permission levels is one way around the problem, I'm wondering whether it would be a relatively easy design change to make the author's name display when an Analytic is shared via hyperlink.





Version:7-x» 7.4


Status:active» test

Now being displayed in all interfaces along with the metadata.


Status:test» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

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