PDF presentation file quality degraded

Project:RUcore Shared Classes
Component:PDF Server (pdfmaker)
Category:bug report

There are currently two different kinds of PDF jobs that WMS can use. One is meant to convert a non-PDF file to a PDF, and example is a Word document to PDF conversion. The second is a job that was designed to OCR a PDF that doesn't have a text layer.

The first job puts quality and conversion to the pdf/a standard first. The second job, the OCR of a PDF, is designed to return a PDF with an embedded text layer. For that job, the OCR job, the text is then meant to be extracted and the PDF is to be disposed of. The PDF server turns the document monochromatic for more higher character recognition precision, that is why you are seeing black & white PDF's.

I really do not have many options for you folks at this point except the following:

1) Figure out why WMS is sending PDF's to the PDF server for processing that is unnecessary. Correct that behavior and when a PDF does need OCR just extract the text from the OCRed PDF and do not use it for presentation. Lots of caveats here...

2) Change the job so it doesn't perform monochromatic conversion. This keeps the color and the fidelity high, OCRing might suffer. I am attaching the two PDF's that were run through the PDF's OCR process without the monochromatic conversion performed.



Version:7-x» 7.2
Status:active» test

2 more job types have been added for 7.2. One job converts a web page to a PDF. This is job #3. The second job converts images to a PDF with OCR. This job should address the fidelity issue by offering the ability to directly generate a PDF from images using the PDF server instead of having to perform a two step process.


Status:test» fixed

Moving to fixed as a few rounds of testing have occurred with no further comments on the quality of the PDF produced.


Status:fixed» closed

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