Create way to Add/Edit/Delete Submission Terms and Conditions.

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform

There is currently no interface for school admins to create/edit/delete submission checklist requirements for their schools. Admins should be able to add for any number of schools. This is nearly done, but needs a little more work.

Future iteration of this feature should allow for an easy way to sort the order of the requirements. Some kind of "variable" selection may be necessary to supply information stored in the database or config file such as Reviewer contact info or style guide URL.



Status:active» fixed

All features work. Reviewers can add/edit/delete terms and conditions for their own schools.


Title:Create way to Add/Edit/Delete Submission Checklist Requirements.» Create way to Add/Edit/Delete Submission Terms and Conditions.

"Terms and Conditions" should be used to describe this feature as there is also a "Paperwork Checklist" option that should not be confused with this.


Status:fixed» closed

"School Admins" (i.e., role=reviewer) are still not able to create/edit/delete submission checklist requirements for their schools, and probably shouldn't be. These requirements (a.k.a. Terms and Conditions) are created/edited/deleted by an ETD Application Administrator (i.e., role=administrator) only.

The order of the requirements can be sorted by specifying sort order in the submission_checklist table, but this can only be done by a sysadmin editing the actual table. There is currently no way to do this via a graphical user interface.

We don't know what is meant by the last sentence in the bug description (i.e., "Some kind of ...").


Version:1.0.0-beta» 1.1.0-beta
Assigned to:sdellis» chadmills
Status:closed» test

Tapped into the 'nSortOrder' value in the submission_checklist table. Now when managing the Terms/Conditions the listing of existing terms and conditions contains pulldowns allowing the user to change the order and use the "Update Order" button at the bottom of the page. When a new term/condition is submitted it is added as the last item in the list, this is by design. When an item is deleted from the list all items that occur after it have their nSortOrder value adjusted as well.

Updated the 'content/submission_checklist.php' script and the delReq() function in 'library/functions.php'.


Assigned to:chadmills» Anonymous
Status:test» fixed

All requested configuration in this bug is in the Manage Terms/Conditions screen.


Status:fixed» closed

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