Turn off versioning when changing datastream label

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

When label is changed for a datastream it should not create a new datastream version. This was discussed and decided at one of the sw_arch meetings.



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No versioning is again the default as discussed in Sw Arch.


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So the script mentioned in this bug report removes the duplicated datastream caused by having versioning enabled.

<a href="http://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/2022" title="http://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/2022">http://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/2022</a>

However the change label function, through the dlr/EDIT interface, does not?


Status:active» test

The versioning of all our datastreams is enabled in (our) Fedora by default. To turn it off in Fedora actually creates yet another version (with versioning officially turned off) before a new version without versioning can be added. So - yes - the script finds the date/time of the latest version, adds a new one with the new label or whatever, and removes the previous version if versioning is not requested. The no-versioning in dlr/EDIT was temporarily disabled yesterday for a bug fix, but is back in place. The web form and the script use the same script.


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Test this for us, since you uncovered it while working on the Roman Coins project on the testing server.

-Chad & Kalaivani


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Ron reported changing labels work as expected.

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