Fix genre heading: photograph

Project:RUcore Jobs & Reports
Component:Report - production
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For the mods:genre
with authority="NJDHFormat"

change to mods:genre
with authority="AAT"




Version:7-x» 7.3

I think this can be done any time. Moving to 7.3.



What is the status of this?



I'm not sure. I don't see any fixds files for this. I suspect it never bubbled to the surface last year and so still needs to be done. I'm having trouble finding examples of the error. I see 461 objects with mods:genre "photograph" (rather than "photographs") but the ones I've looked at all have authority="other" rather than authority="NJDHFormat". Would we want to change all of these? We don't have a way to search this attribute from outside, though Dave or Ashwin could grep for it on the file system to generate a target list of Fedora PIDs or I could pull the 461 mods records over and examine them for NJDHformat. After that, it would be a simple fixds project.


As a follow up, I pulled the 461 MODS records with genre="photograph" and found these. Are we only looking at 4 with NJDHFormat?
270 <mods:genre authority="Other">Photograph</mods:genre>
167 <mods:genre authority="VT">Photograph</mods:genre>
14 <mods:genre authority="Other">photograph</mods:genre>
4 <mods:genre authority="RULIB">candid portraits</mods:genre>
4 <mods:genre authority="NJDHFormat">photograph</mods:genre>
3 <mods:genre authority="VT">photograph</mods:genre>
3 <mods:genre authority="AAT">group portraits</mods:genre>
2 <mods:genre authority="VT">Poster</mods:genre>
2 <mods:genre authority="Other">black and white photograph</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="Other">PR photograph</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="Other">portrait</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="GEM">activity</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">vital statistics records</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">tools</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">oral histories</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">newsletters</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">local histories</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">immigration records</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">albums</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre authority="AAT">aerial photographs</mods:genre>


This is a useful report. Please change all these to [mods:genre authority="AAT"]photographs[/mods:genre]
The angle brackets are not displaying correctly here, so square brackets = angle brackets.

270 [mods:genre authority="Other"]Photograph[/mods:genre]
14 [mods:genre authority="Other"]photograph[/mods:genre]
4 [mods:genre authority="NJDHFormat"]photograph[/mods:genre]
2 [mods:genre authority="Other"]black and white photograph[/mods:genre]
1 [mods:genre authority="Other"]PR photograph[/mods:genre]

The "VT" records are from Virginia Tech and we will be purging them one by one, so no need to include them.


OK. I'll weed out the VT records and create a fixds project for the rest.


We did weed out the VT, but frankly I forget if we ever followed up with the fixds project.


Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT» RUcore Jobs & Reports
Version:7.3» <none>
Component:Miscellaneous» Report - production server

Please re-run report


Component:Report - production server» Report - production

I ran this again on a set of MODS pulled late last year and got the following totals for records with some form of photograph as the genre:

2005 <mods:genre authority="Other">photographs</mods:genre>
1725 <mods:genre authority="AAT">photographs</mods:genre>
319 <mods:genre authority="Art and Architecture Thesaurus">photographs</mods:genre>
269 <mods:genre authority="Other">Photograph</mods:genre>
38 <mods:genre authority="aat">photographs</mods:genre>
21 <mods:genre authority="FAST">photographs</mods:genre>
20 <mods:genre authority="Thesaurus for Graphical Materials II">photographs</mods:genre>
20 <mods:genre authority="American Society for Information Science and Technology Thesaurus">photographs</mods:genre>
14 <mods:genre authority="Other">photograph</mods:genre>
3 <mods:genre authority="lcsh">photographs</mods:genre>
2 <mods:genre authority="NJDHFormat">photograph</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre>photographs</mods:genre>


I edited the two remaining objects with <mods:genre authority="NJDHFormat">photograph</mods:genre> to <mods:genre authority="AAT">photographs</mods:genre>


Please give a link to the report in this issue, so that metadata WG can review and edit the objects as necessary


I'm not sure what you want. Isn't the last list here (given in my second to last comment) the report? Do you want me to pull the MODS again and do the whole thing over again?


Is it possible to get a list of the record IDs for each of these categories reported in your list in Comment #9? Through search, I can't distinguish between genre authorities.


Sure. I'll have to run a slightly different script, but it shouldn't be a problem.


Can you include these in the report of record IDs?

2005 <mods:genre authority="Other">photographs</mods:genre>
319 <mods:genre authority="Art and Architecture Thesaurus">photographs</mods:genre>
21 <mods:genre authority="FAST">photographs</mods:genre>
20 <mods:genre authority="Thesaurus for Graphical Materials II">photographs</mods:genre>
20 <mods:genre authority="American Society for Information Science and Technology Thesaurus">photographs</mods:genre>
3 <mods:genre authority="lcsh">photographs</mods:genre>
1 <mods:genre>photographs</mods:genre>


Assigned to:triggs» rmarker

OK. Here it goes.


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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