Improve statistics Summary Display and Detailed Display

Project:RUcore Statistics
Component:User interface
Category:feature request

"I click on the 'Summary Detail' link and can't understand the resulting display. It says:

2 objects [as TAS staff I can figure this out but no one else will!]

2 unique downloads [but there are 399 total downloads, so who downloaded the other 397??!]

Manuscript [preceded by black square]
Content_model_Unknown () [preceded by grey square]

These kind of cryptic displays will confuse faculty and may discourage use of the stats page, a major feature of the repository."

Assigning to USAWG to recommend improvements to the display, including wording and placement of information



I had always understood this report to mean
2 objects: there are two objects included in this statistics report
2 unique downloads: two unique (different) objects have been downloaded, and there have been a total of 399 downloads of those two objects

This makes it clear to me that there have not been 399 different objects downloaded, just 399 downloads of two (unique) objects.

We will discuss at the USAWG February 7 meeting. It is always possible to improve the way we report information.


Status:active» fixed

This situation no longer exists.


Status:fixed» closed

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