Improve Faculty Collection statistics display

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:feature request

"I couldn't figure out how to see my download stats. There's nothing on the home page. As faculty, if I guess it would be under Faculty/Department Collections (just a guess), there's nothing there either. With a little help from my friends I realize now I have to "click here to Deposit Your Work" to get the stats button, which still isn't too visible. I shouldn't have to click "Deposit" to find stats. I'm not looking to deposit, and therefore would not click there."

"After resetting dates in the Statistics module, the <Enter> key should execute the "Get Stats" search, as the "Get Stats" button does, in accordance with user expectation."

"It would be nice if I could be on the stats page, see how many downloads I got, then click on the article to go there."

Assign to USAWG to make recommendations on how to improve the display of faculty collection statistics for faculty users. Users want to be able to see a link to statistics immediately after logging into FD, and not have to choose a collection (99% have only one collection, their own) before seeing a link for statistics.



Version:7-x» 7.3

Moving to R7.3.


This is being incorporated into the RUcore User Account feature.


Status:active» test


Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)» RUcore Account & Single Sign-on
Version:7.3» 7-x
Component:Faculty Deposit» Account Application
Assigned to:rmarker» jgeng
Status:test» active

This has not been added to the My Account feature in R7.3. Hopefully, it will appear in a future release. Once logged in (or signed in) to My Account, I expect to see Deposit Your Work, My Collection Overview, and My Collection Statistics as options (among others, but that's another spec). For the initial release of My Account, only Deposit Your Work is included.


Version:7-x» 7.4


Add a "My Collection Statistics" link to the development user account dashboard page as specified in this document.

<a href="" title=""></a>

I will need to know what URL to place in the link, for now it just empty.


Project:RUcore Account & Single Sign-on» RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Version:7.4» 7.4
Component:Account Application» Faculty Deposit


Status:active» test

my collection and my collection Statistics are added to SSO login page. When user login to SSO, they can direct to access both my collection and my collection Statistics. Please test.


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker


Assigned to:rmarker» jgeng
Status:test» active

Basic functionality is there.

Please make these cosmetic improvements:
Make title flush left, not centered on the line
Decrease the font size of the title so that it is the same as the text describing number of downloads
Precede each title with the label: TITLE: This label should be in bold, but the title itself should not be in bold font. The label should be the same size font as the title and other text.

This should also decrease the size of each box so that it is possible to list more titles on the same page.


Priority:normal» critical


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker
Status:active» test

Fixed, please test.


Assigned to:rmarker» jgeng
Status:test» active

Thank you -- it looks better. However, the font size is very (very!) large. I'm attaching a screen shot of my two monitors. The one on the left is the RUcore/My Account page, and the one on the right is My Statistics. The font size should be reduced and more items fit on the first screen and above the [scroll-down] fold.


Attaching the example.


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker
Status:active» test

Reduced to 14 and let me know if it is OK.


Assigned to:rmarker» jgeng

Font size is good now. However, I lost the ability to change the date range.


Assigned to:jgeng» rmarker

please test again.


Status:test» fixed



Status:fixed» closed

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