Package download option is not available in showfed display

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Take a look at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

This dataset object has a directory of several files but showfed lists all the individual files. It should allow the user to download a package.



I have no idea how to determine this or do something with it based on the information I get from the rucore api, which is a list of the publicly available datastreams. It's news to me that this is even a requirement for showfed in this release.


Assigned to:triggs» aletia.morgan

The display should be consistent regardless of how users access them. The full record display allows the user to download a package. If the user clicks on the handle, there is no download option available. I say this should be a requirement, but I am assigning this to Aletia to decide whether this should go in this release or move to another release.


It's not a bad idea, but I would need some way of identifying these objects - if, say, the api delivered not regular datastreams for these objects, but indicated the need for a "package" and perhaps a means of calling Chad's packaging script(s?). In any event, I don't think it is something that can be done quickly.


Per the discussion in Software Architecture on this topic if an object has a SMAP-PRES datastream then is supposed to be treated a "package" and offer the ability to select and download the files in a TAR file. Otherwise the flat listing of files is supposed to be used in the public interfaces.


OK. Half way there perhaps. I see the SMAP-PRES datastream, which I could use to turn off ordinary displays of datastreams, but what could I use or call on to generate the package download option? Is it enough to call this:
&lt;script type="text/javascript" src="/rucore/js/lib/package.js.php?id=rutgers-lib:200910">&lt;/script>


Yes you do need to call that. Also the link to the download options needs to be wrapped inside of element with the class name:

div class="linkblock arrow package"

and the link itself needs to have the lement id of "package"

snippet below.

<div class="linkblock arrow package"><span class="resultFull__media-text pop" title="Click to view download options"><a id="package" href="#">Download Options</a></span><span class="iIcon" onclick="switchMenu('note-dl');" alt="More Information" title="More Information"> </span></div>


Thanks! This helps and I think I'm very close - the package download shows up and works, though for some reason I can't get the "i" icon to display.


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Status:test» fixed

Download option is now available.


Download option is available now.


Status:fixed» closed


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