View Item Index page does not display date created

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

We used to see the date (the date the object was ingested) but it is no longer displayed. This is a very useful information for us to troubleshoot and we need this information displayed.



Version:7.0» 7-x

The old date was only the date of initial creation of the particular datastream. The new method uses Fedora's own datastream profile, but the 3.2 Fedora does not include the date info. To gather it separately proved too expensive computationally. Since the date information is routinely included in Fedora 3.5 and later, I added the placeholder note and plan to have real dates for the latest versions of the datastreams easily includable. In a later version, the item index will allow info and access to all versions of a datastream - including dates for all. This will be powerful new functionality, but it all requires updating to the more recent version of Fedora.


Status:active» test

I think I have found a less expensive way to display the dates until we get a more elegant solution with Fedora 3.5+.


Status:test» closed

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