File error in Faculty Deposit sends record to WMS anyway

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:bug report

If there is an error with the file upload from the Faculty Deposit module, such that the error message to the user is displayed (the one that says Please click on Check and resubmit ...), do not send the record with the bad file to the WMS.



Version:7-x» 7.3


We need to address file upload issues with a meaningful, user-friendly message. If the metadata and file did not successfully submitted into WMS, the depositor must be notifed.


We received three reports from RUL faculty members reporting that file upload process was just spinning and they never received "Successful submission" message, although metadata and file made it into WMS.


Version:7.3» 7.2.3
Status:active» test

A user-friendly message has been added to the file upload window. See below:

"Please wait for upload status message to appear. If you didn't see a success message on the screen after a while, please contact Rucore managers to check your digital files. Your article's metadata is successfully imported to system already."


Just adding for the record that the original issue (faculty reporting that file upload process was just spinning despite successful ingest) could not be consistently replicated.


Status:test» active

I tested this from my home laptop -- which previously was able to recreate the scenario in which the faculty deposit appeared to be unsuccessful, but which in fact had resulted in a successful submission. Briefly (for about a second), a dialog box appeared with what could have been the text described above: "Please wait for upload status to appear. ..." However, it was soon replaced by a static dialog box with the word, "Uploading........" This stayed on my screen for a minute or so (a long time for a simple 19 page Word document), and then the "Successfully submitted" message appeared.

The "Please wait for upload status to appear..." message should remain on the screen until the computer verifies that the submission has been successful. It should not be replaced with the "uploading" message. At the very least, it has to stay on the screen for at least a minute (if the upload takes that long) so that the depositor will have time to read it.


Status:active» test

Please test again.


Here is what happened in my latest attempt to test this.
I sent in a correct record and object. A dialogue box BRIEFLY opened up but was immediately replaced with another dialogue box that said, "Uploading.........." Soon, I got the message that my upload was successful.

I sent in a correct record with a very large file uploaded. Again, a dialogue box very quickly opened up and just as quickly was replaced with another dialog box that said, "Please wait for upload status to appear" and on the next line, "Uploading ................" It took a couple of minutes, but then I got the message that my upload was successful.

I sent in a record with the file type PDF selected, but I sent in a PowerPoint. Same thing: if-you-blink-you-will-miss-it dialogue box appeared, then the "Please wait for upload status to appear / Uploading..." dialogue box, than the error message. I was prompted to Check and Resubmit. I checked the WMS and the record with error was there.

I Resubmitted with PowerPoint selected as the file type (not the file type I originally chose), and uploaded a powerpoint. Again, I got the error message.

I Resubmitted with PDF selected as the file type, and uploaded a PDF. This time, I eventually got the message that my submission was successful. When I checked the WMS, the only file upload log that was visible to me in that WMS record was the last, successful one.

(1) I think users will be bothered that a dialogue box pops up and disappears -- to be replaced with the other dialogue box. They will wonder what important message they missed. There should be only ONE pop-up box.

(2) The Check and Resubmit option requires the user to select the same File Type for the upload as originally selected. If the user error was in choosing the incorrect File Type, she will never be successful in uploading the file. The file upload code should permit the user to choose a different File Type when resubmitting.


Version:7.2.3» 7.3
Status:test» active

tested on staging, with same results. The files are not sent to the WMS, but a metadata record is created when a file error occurs. Moving this to the next release to fine-tune because the email notifications and on-screen notices to the user/depositor are correct and useful.


Status:active» fixed

We tested this scenario in an IHL test environment. The user chose the wrong file format to upload (did not match the stated file format), and received an error. The error message suggested that he check for the correct file format. I received an email that he had submitted along with the followup email that he had submitted with ERROR. The log included in the email included this: "File extension "log" is not the required type." The user clicked on the Check and Resubmit button, and this time he chose the correct file format to upload. He got a Successfully Submitted message. I received the two emails. When I checked the WMS, I saw that it had overlaid the same WMS record with the correct uploaded files. All the files and the metadata were in good shape.


Status:fixed» closed

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