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I tried to change the DS label for rutgers-lib:26860. Got the following error messge when I clicked on "Change Label for PDF-1".

Something went wrong with the attempt to change the DJVU-1 label for rutgers-lib:26860.
Could not get the creation date of the last version of the DJVU-1 datastream of rutgers-lib:26860.



This is a curious issue. I've noticed that for certain datastreams in certain objects, the creation dates are not available through the Fedora API. The change label function relies on the creation date of the last version of the datastream so that that datastream can be removed when the one with the new label has been created. If it can't get that date, it fails with a message like the one above. I think this has something to do with the fact that the object still has an expired embargo POLICY referencing the datastreams in question. I'll investigate further.


Version:7.0» 7-x

Removing the expired POLICY datastream opens up the profile and allows the label to be changed. This is a Fedora problem. We may want to see if it has been addressed in more recent versions of Fedora. In the meantime, the workaround described above should allow needed label changes.


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This is because the object has a POLICY (even though out of date now) restricting PDF and DjVu datastreams. Fedora (at least 3.4.2) won't allow changes to these datastreams, even by fedoraAdmin. It's really a Fedora bug. The workaround is to purge the POLICY datastream. We might experiment with changing the POLICY from "A" to "I" and testing the behavior. We've never done anything with inactive datastreams, but there is a chance an officially inactive POLICY might release the restrictions of the references datastreams while leaving the POLICY in place for historical reference.


As a test I tried changing the dsState of the POLICY to "I" and then to "D", but unfortunately it didn't change access to the PDF and DjVu datastreams. This goes for checksum testing also by the way. Unless this is fixed in 3.6.1, we might want to scan for out of date POLICY datastreams and purge or edit them to render them harmless.


Version:7-x» 7.4

Moving to R7.4.


This is either a bug in Fedora (since it still behaves this way after the upgrade) or it is something caused by one of our system wide policies. Dave or someone with administrative access to Fedora should look at the system wide policies and see if a restriction of managing datastreams linked to POLICY datastreams is in place. This might be the place to fix this.


This is really the same issue as <a href="http://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/1670" title="http://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/1670">http://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/1670</a>


Version:7.4» 7-x


Version:7-x» 8.1

This may be fixed by recreating the POLICY in the object using the newer POLICY creation class. I'm pushing it out in case we discover a means of making these changes to system wide POLICY objects.


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I added back a POLICY for rutgers-lib:26860 and was able to change the DS label from Djvu1 to DJVU-1 without a problem. I left the old version so that you can verify this through the dsprofile.


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