Original file name not being stored in foxml:datastreamVersion

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

As specified in the "File Hierarchy Specification" the original file name should be stored in the ALT_IDS attributes using the namespace 'fname'.

From spec page 8...

Multiple ALT_IDS are separated by a pipe |. To support ALT_ID’s that might have valid spaces in the value an important addition has been made. That addition is the use of an ALT_ID namespace which is separated from the value it supports through the use of a colon.



Link to specification:

<a href="http://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/collab/ref/spc_sawg_r7_0_file_hierarchy.pdf" title="http://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/collab/ref/spc_sawg_r7_0_file_hierarchy.pdf">http://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/collab/ref/spc_sawg_r7_0_file_hierar...</a>



Status:active» test

ALT_IDS is added. But namespace for a value? -YY


Yea it's odd I know but in the future when we create persistent URL's at the datastream level the values will have a namespace stored in the string and then we will need to distinguish which file name from persistent URL's. FOXML should have probably had a repeatable element for ALT_IDS but instead went with it as an attribute.




Test. -YY


It's not odd as soon as I understand what it is for. But we should probably not call it "namespace" - people will get confused thinking it means XML namespace, maybe ID identifier or type identifier. -YY



Fine by me to call it something else. I only started calling it a namespace because the syntax was stolen from XML namespaces since colons are not a valid file name character it could be used to safely distinguish the "type" from the value. I will test and let you know how it goes.



Status:test» active

I just looked a newly ingested item, rutgers-lib:200910.

The ALT_IDS attribute for the ARCH datastream's contained the original filename. The presentation datastream did not.

Below are sample ARCH and presentation entries from this resource.

<foxml:datastream ID="ARCH15" STATE="A" CONTROL_GROUP="M" VERSIONABLE="true">
 <foxml:datastreamVersion ID="ARCH15.0" LABEL="ARCH15" CREATED="2013-01-03T15:23:47.000Z" ALT_IDS="fname:ETD_Slide.pptx" MIMETYPE="application/vnd.ms-powerpoin">
  <foxml:contentDigest TYPE="SHA-256" DIGEST="92a6bb53b510495cb274554b5e5c51846415630778c5ce1232480d033c408bbc"/>
  <foxml:contentLocation TYPE="INTERNAL_ID" REF="rutgers-lib:200910+ARCH15+ARCH15.0"/>

<foxml:datastream ID="PPT-15" STATE="A" CONTROL_GROUP="M" VERSIONABLE="true">
 <foxml:datastreamVersion ID="PPT-15.0" LABEL="PPTX-15" CREATED="2013-01-03T15:23:47.000Z" MIMETYPE="application/vnd.ms-powerpoin">
  <foxml:contentDigest TYPE="SHA-256" DIGEST="92a6bb53b510495cb274554b5e5c51846415630778c5ce1232480d033c408bbc"/>
  <foxml:contentLocation TYPE="INTERNAL_ID" REF="rutgers-lib:200910+PPT-15+PPT-15.0"/>


Status:active» test

ALT_IDS are added to presentation files that are copied from masters. Not retroactive - you need to create new record and upload new set of files in WMS to test the fix. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» chadmills
Status:test» fixed

Confirmed fixed.


Status:fixed» closed


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