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<a href="https://etd.libraries.rutgers.edu/tutorial/index.php" title="https://etd.libraries.rutgers.edu/tutorial/index.php">https://etd.libraries.rutgers.edu/tutorial/index.php</a>

This tutorial needs to be refreshed with new images. There are numerous outdated or inappropriate examples contained in the images:
--old phone number for ETD Administrator
--references to Shaun Ellis and his phone number
--references to The Office of the Dean, Graduate School - New Brunswick instead of generic reference or bracketed information, such as: [link to appropriate graduate school] -- or a note at the bottom to explain that each student's screen will link to the appropriate graduate school
--do we still refer students to a single Author Guidelines? (2nd screen)
--outdated wording and policy regarding "g. Deferred Access"
--outdated instructions for ETD Upload
--reference to purchase of old version of Adobe Acrobat (version 8.0) through MSSG for $40



Version:2.3.0» 2.2.2
Priority:normal» critical

I am changing this to CRITICAL and putting it in the current version. We have had numerous requests for library liaisons, RUcore staff, TAS administration, and faculty advisors to see the forms that an author must complete in the RUetd application. We must be able to point them to something like this tutorial. Please make this a top priority.


I will work on updating the tutorial. In the mean time, RUetd already has a link to the Student Guide that shows the forms/screens that an author must complete.


No apparent link to the student guide outside of the RUetd submission application. Must the advisor log in to RUetd in order to view the student guide?


Currently, yes they need to login to see the Student Guide, but they also need to login to see the Tutorial. Chad and I have previously talked about adding links on the login page to the Student Guide, FAQs and Tutorial, but it was not decided where to put them. The current outdated Tutorial shows links to the Tutorial and FAQs on the login page to the right of the NetID and Password boxes where the "Contact Us" and "Forgot password" links are now. I'd rather see the Student Guide, FAQs and Tutorial links be in a different place, perhaps above the Copyright message, since they are at the bottom on subsequent screens.


Amendment to the original task: Following update of the tutorial, please place a link to the tutorial, and to the Student Guide, on the login page so that it is available without requiring a login to the application.


Early in April, 2013, the Tutorial was updated with new text and screenshots. The remaining work (see amendment comment on March 14) needs to wait until a development and/or test system for RUetd is available.


Assigned to:martyb» chadmills

Please expedite making an updated tutorial, FAQ and Student Guide available to library liaisons, RUcore staff, TAS administration, and faculty advisors -- as well as students who are not yet prepared to upload their completed ETD -- outside of a login to the RUetd application.


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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