Zipped and DIR datastreams are not showing in showfed display

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

I uploaded a DIR from the server and a Zipped folder from my PC to test the new functionality to support dataset. Clicking on handle does not show these datastreams.

Take a look at the following two links:

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>



Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT» RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Version:7.0» 7.0
Component:Code» File Upload Module
Assigned to:triggs» yuyang

Looked at this object and some things are not looking correct.

1) The archival and presentation structural map ID's are still SMAP1 and SMAP2 respectively. They should be SMAP-ARCH & SMAP-PRES.
2) The presentation datastreams are using a generic datastream ID of PRES{#} where {#} is the sequence number. The expectation is that the datastream ID's would be the original file datastream ID's, such as PDF-1 or JPEG-1 or XLS-1 etc...


If it helps, this is a sample object already in the repository I created by hand during development.

<a href=";q1=%22Test+video+object+for+Thumbnail%22&amp;q1field=object&amp;q1bool=AND&amp;q2=&amp;q2field=object&amp;rtype%5B%5D=&amp;orderby=relevance&amp;numresults=10&amp;c%5B0%5D=" title=";q1=%22Test+video+object+for+Thumbnail%22&amp;q1field=object&amp;q1bool=AND&amp;q2=&amp;q2field=object&amp;rtype%5B%5D=&amp;orderby=relevance&amp;numresults=10&amp;c%5B0%5D="></a>

Attached is an XML manifest of the files associated with this sample object. It demonstrates the presentation datastream ID's used.

This example object does not work as expected when viewing it in showfed.php.

<a href="" title=""></a>


I see a lot of ARCH and PRES datastreams, but as you can see I am not getting any of them from Chad's fulllist api method:

<a href=";debug=api" title=";debug=api"></a>


Status:active» test

These seem to be all related to the ID values. Test to see if xml shows correct ID's. If it does and handle still cannot be resolved, maybe it's DLR or RUcore website that need to be updated. But reopen the bug here, too, and provide problematic record collection/system ID. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» triggs


Assigned to:triggs» ananthan

This seems to be fixed as far as the package download option precludes showing these datastreams now. Not sure who else should test and sign off on it.


Status:test» closed

I uploaded a ZIP and TAR file yesterday from PC and Server. Download option is available in showfed display.

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