Batch import isn't bringing in all the records

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Batch Import
Category:bug report

In Ottobahn Collection, I successfully mapped from a spreadsheet with 42 elements (see attached), then attempted to import a tab-delimited text file (also attached).

When I went to import the first time, it imported through Line 100 on the spreadsheet, now nos. 5016-5114 on the "Existing Records Screen" of WMS "Metadata and Digital Objects." I repeated the process, and again it imported through Line 100 on the spreadsheet. Record 5134 has field names as values, then the same records are imported again, nos. 5135-5233 on the "Existing Records Screen."



Status:active» test

Record number 100 and 101 have Microsoft symbols. Added code to handle the case (ignore illegal characters). Record 5134 has field name as values because field names appear as the first line in text file. Remove the field names from text file before import. Test. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» jjotto


Please test by Tuesday. If you don't have time, can you assign it to someone else to test on your behalf?



Status:test» active

Starting with the same file (original txt attachment), and made suggested correction (corrected txt file attached). This time the records were not imported at all.


Assigned to:jjotto» yuyang

This should have been assigned to me. -YY


Status:active» test

Please test again. I tested with HCHS (209 records in all) and it went through fine. But need to be confirmed with other collections. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» jjotto


Would you be able to test load this again?



Status:test» closed

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