RUcore 7.0 Testing - TestCase 11 - Can't select directory from server for "Directory Upload"

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

Attempted to upload a directory of files from the server. Used WMS directory browser to point to the server folders. In the selection screen, there are two windows - left side has the directories, when clicked, files are open. Cannot select the folder from the left window. When I open the folder, can't select the files on the right side (says it's asking for a directory).

This makes sense, but I can't go up a directory level in the directory browser, so that I can select the folder at the top level.

Trying the "Milton_Reformatted" directory.

Perhaps this requires that I can access a nested directory - but since I can't navigate UP, I can't see that level.



Project:OpenWMS - Workflow Management System» RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Version:2.3.1» 7.0
Component:User interface» File Upload Module

Moving this from OpenWMS to RUcore WMS.


Status:active» test

Forgot to enable directory selecting in file browser. Test. -YY


Status:test» active

Unable to upload a DIR from my PC: I am able to upload a DIR from the server but not from my PC.


Status:active» test

This was discussed in sw_arch - directory upload will only happen on server upload. For PC, you can zip your directory before uploading them. -YY


I am able to select and upload a DIR from the server and ZIP from the PC.


Status:test» closed

I am able to select and upload a DIR from the server and ZIP from the PC.

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