Action navigation bar takes you to the middle of the record if you select 'Edit'

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

Under the Metadata/Digital Object tab, from the "Existing Records" screen, I select a record, then click the "Action" navigation bar and choose 'Edit.' The system takes me to the middle of the selected record, instead of to the top.

BTW, Yang, the Action navigation bar is so handy I'd like to be able to use it from the top of the "Existing Records" screen. It doesn't appear till you've scrolled down. I realize this is by design, but now I'm in the habit of using it and prefer it, even when the other buttons are available. Just a thought. I'm not going to submit as enhancement as I'm not sure you'd agree. It is a nice little feature though. Thank you!



Jane, please keep entering whatever you wish for. I hope everyone is like you - it only makes the application better. -YY


Status:active» test

Test. -YY


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Assigning to Jane.


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Thank you!


Status:fixed» closed


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