Upload more files option overwrites previously uploaded files.

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

When I created a brief metadata and uploaded files for the 1st time, e.g. uploaded two tiff files A.tiff and B.tiff, the system worked well. Clicking the two uploaded file links in the log will show us A.tiff and B.tiff.
But later, after I uploaded two more tiff files, the third and fourth tiff file C.tiff and D.tiff, the existing file list still had only two tiff files, not four of them.
When clicking the uploaded file link in the log(including the ones brought us A.tiff and B.tiff. ), I could only find C.tiff and D.tiff. The A.tiff and B.tiff were automatically replaced by the latest uploaded C.tiff and D.tiff.



Status:active» by design

When uploading more files, you need to specify correct order. Example: you already uploaded two files, they have order number 1 and 2. When you upload two more files, what you do depends on your intention: if you mean to replace the previous two files, you enter order = 1 and 2 (this is what happened with your case). If you want to add to the existing files, you specify order = 3, and 4. -YY


Status:by design» fixed

It works as expected. The users have to be trained to change the order number. The presentation files were recreated when I added the second set of master and dmaster files.


Status:fixed» closed


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