Object Architecture value lost when all uploaded files were deleted

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

I uploaded about 12 TIFF files for Document. Then I deleted all the files. When I tried to edit the record, "object architecture under technical MD is required" message is displayed. I supplied "document" and clicked on "Digital files", I get an error message:

Error executing query: update ADM_ItemObjectArchitecture set ObjectArchitecture = 'document' where RegistryNmbr = 4916.Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`dwms/ADM_ItemObjectArchitecture`, CONSTRAINT `FK_ADM_ItemObjectArchitectu676` FOREIGN KEY (`ObjectArchitecture`) REFERENCES `ObjectArchitecture` (`ObjectArchitecture`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UP)



Status:active» test

Test. -YY


Status:test» active

I am not getting any error messages now but I still get "object architecture under technical MD is required" message when I try to save it.


Status:active» test

Please make sure you are not using the previous record that had this problem to do the test because the objectarch for that record is already lost (or you can manually add content model before going to file). Use a different record to test. If problem persists, please show me how you did it, as I can't reproduce the issue. -YY


Status:test» fixed

I just created a new record and uploaded three TIFF files. Then deleted all files but did not lose the value for CM.


Status:fixed» closed


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