ingested file not display in rucore

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

I created a record (Paul test title brief 11-29-12) in the New w Organization Top Level collection, added a pdf file, selected jpeg, djvu, thunbnail, unsure what was created (IE went down??), but system said digital file was successfully uploaded (OK). I then successfully ingested it into Fedora (DONE). But when I hit the DONE status button, a blank screen displayed. I then went into the test Rucore, 'selected' my collection, searched for my record, and did not find it. Was my collection indexed?



Status:active» postponed

Clicking 'Done' should give you the ingest trail. If you don't see anything, please test ingesting a record on a different browser and see if you still get nothing. Please report your observation back and reopen the bug if problem does exist. Make sure you clear your browser's cache before testing. For RUcore search, the record needs to be indexed first, if I am not wrong. -YY


Record now appears in rucore.


Status:postponed» closed

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