Specification for uploading an html file in Faculty Deposity

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit

There is apparently a need to upload an html file in Faculty Deposit. As part of this specification, there should be some investigation to determine the more specific need. Who is wanting to upload and what type of material is being uploaded. In addition, we probably need to encapsulate the html in a pdf for preservation purposes.



An example is this article
<a href="http://www.istl.org/09-winter/viewpoint.html" title="http://www.istl.org/09-winter/viewpoint.html">http://www.istl.org/09-winter/viewpoint.html</a>
sent in through the Faculty Deposit service. This journal article is available only in html and not in PDF.

Who is wanting to upload: authors sending files to RUcore through the Faculty Deposit service
What type of material is being uploaded: journal articles


Status:active» closed

Specification is done and posted already

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