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The Creator field should follow the Title field. (I don't remember our discussions about the "Entity" field, or exactly what it was.) I don't see anything corresponding to it in the WAAND entries. Again, I think the "Creator" field should be text; it will hold Library of Congress versions of the personal or corporate name of the main creator of the collection, but no need to indicate what kind of name it is. We are not indexing for names. We're only adding this field because of the grantor's requirements. It would be needed if our records were to be turned into MARC records by some repository in years to come. A somewhat slight possibility.



Added a new field to the collCollection table called 'collCollaborator'.


Status:active» fixed

Creator field added to a new tab in the collection entry form. Tested adding a new entry and editing. Also modified the 'View' feature heavily so it will work now.


Status:fixed» closed

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