Language of Materials

Project:Newark Archive Project
Category:feature request

The field is part of the collection record; to be added somewhere fairly far down in the db -- maybe after the "Collection Subjects" field? I assumed this would be a text field. In almost all cases it would contain the default text: Materials are in English. But we would edit it to add any number of other languages, as needed. I had asked if you could insert it with the default text already filled in, and then we could edit the very few entries that refer to other languages. I don't think it would be preferable to create a menu list of languages; we have no idea which languages will be needed.



Adding a new controlled vocabulary table called 'COL_collLanguage'. Will attempt to link it up to the form.


Status:active» fixed

Added Language to the Collection form after Subjects. Updates the configuration array, collection functions and collection processor. Also updated the collection view record feature. Need to explore if this needs to be displayed in the search results as well.


Status:fixed» closed

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