MySQL Searching anomolies when using a different version of MySQL

Category:bug report
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Marty wrote:

I did more testing on the ETD staging server. I found the following inconsistencies that do not happen on the ETD test server:
1. As reviewer, I went to Search for Student. There is a student with last name Student. When I put "stu" (lower case first letter) in the last name box, no ETDs were found. When I put "Stu" (upper case first letter) in the box, the ETD was found. On the test system, both entries find the ETD.
2. As reviewer "martycisreviewer", I clicked on Change Password. I got the following message: "Since you are logging in with your NetID, you may not update your password here." On the test server I was able to change my password when logged in with the same id.



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